Question: What Are The Passwords For The Vault In Geometry Dash?

How do you unlock the Demon gauntlet?

So to unlock the demon gauntlet, 1) Unlock the chamber of time, by buying the master emblem from the secret shop, then click the area under ‘coming soon’ in the levels list.

2) Unlock the chest you can unlock by unlocking 50 chests in the treasure room.

3) Complete the chaos gauntlet..

What are the codes for the Chamber of time?

Finally, the Chamber of Time codes.”Darkness” Unlocks a Monster icon.”Silence” Unlocks a Color Blend icon.”Hunger” Unlocks a Bigmouth icon.”River” Unlocks a color.”Volcano” Unlocks a Spangled wave.Feb 1, 2017

What is a diamond code?

Diamond code (coding theory), a self-complementing arithmetic code in coding theory. …

How do you get more diamonds in Gd?

The quickest way to obtain definitely through Daily Quests. The easiest quest will give you 3 , the second hardest will give you 6 , and the hardest 9 . The quests are relatively easy tasks, like getting 4 User Coins or 8 Stars.

What is the password for the vault in geometry dash?

In order to do this, earn 10 user coins, go to the options menu and tap the top right to enter The Vault. Then, enter “Sparky” to steal Spooky’s coin. After that, go to the Vault of Secrets and keep clicking the button until the Keymaster mentions Sparky.

What is the code for the vault?


How do you unlock the vault in Adopt Me?

If the player went to the newly-located Burt, between the red bridge and the Hospital, they would have found an underground place underneath his fishing hook. Inside, the player would be asked to look for the three parts of a key. This key, in turn, leads to the Vault in the Pet Shop.

How do you unlock the Chamber of time?

Then go to the treasure room, go to Scratch’s shop (500 diamonds needed to go to Scratch’s shop) Then buy the gem thingy majigy. After that go back to the coming soon page and click the door again and talk to the gatekeeper again and you unlock the Chamber of time.

How do you unlock the secret shop in geometry dash?

They are accessed by pulling ropes; the shop through the rope located in the Icon Kit menu, and the secret shop and community shop through the ropes located in the last section of the Treasure Room. The secret shop and community shop require 500 and 200 diamonds to unlock respectively.

How do you get keys in geometry dash?

You get keys by earning 500 orbs. (not by chests.) chests won’t count. If you get 500 orbs from LEVELS by completing them or dying on them.

What do you say to the vault in geometry dash?

After entering it into the Vault, it will not appear again….Introductory dialogueDon’t touch!Just, stop.No one seems to be home.zzzZZZ…Go away!No!It’s a secret…Stop it!More items…

How do you unlock the vault in geometry dash?

You need to collect 50 diamonds to unlock it. You collect diamonds from completing quests, your daily level, daily chests and playing featured levels in general. Once you have 50 diamonds, the vault will be unlocked.

What is the code to cod3breaker?

Typing the Code Type Cod3breaking into the text field. Now get out the video camera or phone. Start recording your screen. Then press the Keymaster.

How do I open vault warzone?

How To Open The Vault Doors In WarzoneFind a key card in Warzone.Head to a vault.Interact with the small button that is to the right of the vault door.Wait for the vault to open up.

What are the codes for geometry dash?

Geometry Dash World ‘Vault Of Secrets’ Codes ListSecret Code #1: Ultimate Energy. CLUE: Oh my head. … Secret Code #2: Uber Hacker. … Secret Code #3: Cold As Ice. … Secret Code #4: Sneaky Sneak. … Secret Code #5: I Can Count. … Secret Code #6: Can’t be Fooled. … Secret Code #7: Paint Bucket. … Secret Code #8: Burnt Chicken.More items…•Dec 28, 2016

What is Robtops real name?

Robert Nicolas Christian “Rob” TopalaRobert Nicolas Christian “Rob” Topala (born: February 23, 1987 (1987-02-23) [age 34]), better known online as RobTop Games (or simply RobTop, formerly RubRub and Zhenmuron), is a Swedish mobile game developer known for creating Geometry Dash.