Question: What Happens To The Kinetic Energy When The Velocity Of The Body Is Doubled At Constant Mass?

At what speed a body of mass 1 kg will have a kinetic energy of 1 Joule?


How is the kinetic energy of a moving cart affected if the mass is doubled?

(i) As kinetic energy of an object is directly proportional to its mass, so if mass is doubled (i.e. it becomes 2 m), then kinetic energy will also get doubled.

What happens to the kinetic energy when the velocity is doubled at constant mass?

Kinetic energy is directly proportional to the squared of the velocity. This means that when momentum is doubled, mass remaining constant, velocity is doubled, as a result now kinetic energy becomes four times greater than the original value.

What happens to the kinetic energy when the mass of the body is doubled?

Doubling mass doubles the kinetic energy when velocity remains constant. … Which means kinetic energy is directly proportional to mass. So doubling mass will double the kinetic energy.

What happens to the kinetic energy when the velocity is halved?

If the velocity of abody is halved, its kinetic energy becomes one fourth as kinetic energy is directly proportional to velocity squared.

What happens to kinetic energy when velocity is tripled?

Answer: as we know K.E=1/2mv^2 from this eqn we get K.E is directly proportional to square of velocity of body so, if we triple the velocity of body the K.E will become nine times of the initial K.E.I hope you got it. Answer: … The Kinetic Energy is increased by a factor of 9 if the velocity is tripled.

What happens to distance when velocity is doubled?

On doubling the velocity, stopping distance becomes 4 times.

When the velocity of a body is doubled its kinetic energy?

If the velocity is doubled its kinetic energy is multiplied by four times. And there is no relationship between the velocity and potential energy. So, if the velocity is doubled, momentum also doubles.

What will be the kinetic energy of a body when its mass is made 4 times and the velocity is doubled?

Kinetic energy of a body depends on its mass and its speed. Hence, ,kinetic energy will become 4 times the original kinetic energy if the speed is doubled.

What happens when velocity is doubled?

The velocity has an quadratic relationship with centripetal acceleration, so when the velocity is doubled, the centripetal acceleration is quadrupled.

On what factors does the kinetic energy depends?

The amount of translational kinetic energy (from here on, the phrase kinetic energy will refer to translational kinetic energy) that an object has depends upon two variables: the mass (m) of the object and the speed (v) of the object. The following equation is used to represent the kinetic energy (KE) of an object.

What is the effect on potential energy If mass and height is doubled?

Therefore , When mass is doubled , Potential energy gets doubled. When mass is halved , Potential energy decreases by half.