Question: Which Of The Following Was A Significant Social Impact Of The Great Awakening?

What were the causes of the Great Awakening quizlet?

What are the causes of the first great awakening.

More branches of Christianity emerged.

Division between new and old ideas.

Increase in religious diversity in Christianity..

What was the impact of the Great Awakening on colonial attitudes toward authority?

The main consequence of this development was that Americans became much less deferential to authority, be it secular or temporal. The great chain of authority was no longer held to run from God to ruler to people, but from God to people to ruler.

What significant social impact did the great awakening?

Effects of the Great Awakening The Great Awakening notably altered the religious climate in the American colonies. Ordinary people were encouraged to make a personal connection with God, instead of relying on a minister. Newer denominations, such as Methodists and Baptists, grew quickly.

Which is an example of a significant social effect of the first Great Awakening?

What would be considered a significant social effect of the First Great Awakening? The colonists began to challenge the hierarchical structure of existing religious denominations. discrimination against Roman Catholics in England. the Catholic faith of John F.

What impact did the great awakening have on American political ideology quizlet?

What political impact did the First Great Awakening have? It complemented enlightenment philosophy by providing a foundation for political liberty, established the first great ‘united’ social movement of the American people, and provided the solidarity that some saw as essential for the break with England.

Which of the following describes a significant effect of the Great Awakening?

Long term effects of the Great Awakening were the decline of Quakers, Anglicans, and Congregationalists as the Presbyterians and Baptists increased. It also caused an emergence in black Protestantism, religious toleration, an emphasis on inner experience, and denominationalism.

What were the effects of the Second Great Awakening?

Many churches experienced a great increase in membership, particularly among Methodist and Baptist churches. The Second Great Awakening made soul-winning the primary function of ministry and stimulated several moral and philanthropic reforms, including temperance and the emancipation of women.

What effect did the great awakening have on the American colonies quizlet?

The Great Awakening increased the degree to which people felt that religion was important in their lives. The Great Awakening also affected the colonies by creating rifts among members of religious denominations.

How did the great awakening contribute to the separation of church and state?

The deep emotionalism of the Great Awakening caused religion to have a very awkward, infringing position in the state. People wanted the government to have less and less to do with what they believed, and as this became the widespread opinion, separation of Church and State became a reality.

How did the great awakening influence democracy?

After the Great Awakening the common people controlled many of the churches of America. … The common people of America having experience democracy and equality in the churches began to demand democracy and equality in the political life of the nation.

How did the Second Great Awakening affect American thinking?

The Second Great Awakening was a Protestant revival movement during the early nineteenth century. The movement started around 1800, had begun to gain momentum by 1820, and was in decline by 1870. … The Second Great Awakening led to a period of antebellum social reform and an emphasis on salvation by institutions.

What started the first Great Awakening?

In the 1730s, a religious revival swept through the British American colonies. Jonathan Edwards, the Yale minister who refused to convert to the Church of England, became concerned that New Englanders were becoming far too concerned with worldly matters.

What significant social impact did the Great Awakening have in the 18th century Colonial America?

It opened the doors of some white churches to African Americans and American Indians. It worsened social and racial discrimination against American Indians and African Americans in the colonies. It encouraged women to reject their traditional roles and look for fulfillment outside the house.

What were the political and social consequences of the great awakening?

The impact of the Great Awakening on colonial American social and political life was immense. … The Great Awakening made American society much more open; less vertical, more horizontal. This mass religious revival took place from the bottom up, so to speak. It was a movement of the common people, not the elite.

What was one result of the first Great Awakening quizlet?

The First Great Awakening broke the monopoly of the Puritan church as colonists began pursuing diverse religious affiliations and interpreting the Bible for themselves.

What was the first great awakening?

The First Great Awakening was a period when spirituality and religious devotion were revived. This feeling swept through the American colonies between the 1730s and 1770s. The revival of Protestant beliefs was part of a much broader movement that was taking place in England, Scotland, and Germany at that time.

What was a difference between the first Great Awakening and Second Great Awakening?

The second great awakening focuses less on religion and more on reforming bad things in America. The first great awakening is primarily about promoting religion. … Religion is emphasized and promoted with a slightly milder and welcoming God. More colleges were opened.

What was the impact of the Great Awakening quizlet?

The Great Awakening helped colonists see that all people are equal in God’s eyes and religious tolerance was needed. Colonists realized that if everyone is equal, they have as much power as the authority. The Great Awakening was also the rebirth of religion in the colonies.

What was one major effect of the Second Great Awakening quizlet?

Stressed a religious philosophy of salvation through good deeds and tolerance for all Protestant sects. The revivals attracted women, Blacks, and Native Americans. It also had an effect on moral movements such as prison reform, the temperance movement, and moral reasoning against slavery. You just studied 19 terms!

What’s the difference between the great awakening and enlightenment?

Both movements began in Europe, but they advocated very different ideas: the Great Awakening promoted a fervent, emotional religiosity, while the Enlightenment encouraged the pursuit of reason in all things.