Question: Which Vehicle Has Higher Inertia If All Have The Same Speed?

Which of these vehicles moving at the same speed has the greatest inertia of rest or of motion a bicycle a jeepney A passenger bus or a train?

Which of these vehicles moving at the same speed has the greatest inertia of rest or of motion, a bicycle, a jeepney, a passenger bus or a train.

Basically inertia relates the mass of bodies,so obviously between the four choices train having the highest mass has the greatest inertia..

Does a bike or truck have more inertia?

Which system has more inertia? Why? The car has more inertia, as its mass is greater than the mass of the bike. The bike has more inertia, as its mass is greater than the mass of the car.

How do you demonstrate inertia?

Law of Inertia Objects want to stay in rest or motion unless an outside force causes a change. For example, if you roll a ball, it will continue rolling unless friction or something else stops it by force. You can also think about the way that your body keeps moving forward when you hit the brake on your bike.

What is required to cause acceleration?

the rate of change of velocity is called as acceleration . so , change in velocity is required to form acceleration. and unbalanced forces also cause to form acceleration.

Which vehicle has more inertia?

busA bus has more inertia, because it has more mass. So, greater force is needed to change the state of the body of greater mass.

Which following vehicle below has greater inertia?

Explanation: This explains that, the force of inertia will be greater for a body of a larger mass or a body with a higher acceleration. Therefore, amongst a truck and a car, inertia will be more in a truck due to its mass which is greater than that of a car.

Which vehicles moving at the same speed is difficult to stop?

Answer. Explanation: train is difficult to stop because it was design into railway that’s why it’s hard to stop.

Do all the bodies have same inertia?

all bodies does not have same inertia because inertia depends on the mass of the body.

Which has a greatest inertia?

Inertia is a definition of mass so an object with greater mass will have greater inertia. The mass of the engines of the airplane on their own probably have more inertia than the car. Mass is usually measured by determining the weight of the object, which is defined as the gravitational force pulling down on it.

Does a train or car have more inertia?

Train has more moment of inertia than car because train has greater mass than car which will resist changes in its state of motion more than car.So,Train has more moment of inertia.

Which of the following has least inertia?

A cup of tea has the least inertia among all given options.

How do you explain inertia to a child?

Inertia is the resistance of an object to any change in its motion, including a change in direction. An object will stay still or keep moving at the same speed and in a straight line, unless it is acted upon by an outside force.

What factors can decide the inertia of body?

Inertia is that quantity which depends solely upon mass. The more mass, the more inertia. Momentum is another quantity in Physics which depends on both mass and speed. Momentum will be discussed in a later unit.

What causes inertia?

Some sort of a local field, maybe not our A field, is really the cause of inertia. When you push on an object a gravitational disturbance goes propagating off into either the past or the future. Out there in the past or future the disturbance makes the distant matter in the universe wiggle.

Do airplanes have greatest inertia?

Answer Expert Verified The airplane has a greater inertia since it has a bigger mass which needs a bigger force in order for it to move or for it to stop. Inertia is directly proportional to the mass of the object which resist change in motion.

Does inertia depend on mass?

The inertia of an object is a measure of its resistance to a change in the state of its motion. It is solely dependent on the mass of the object, with more massive objects having larger inertia and a greater tendency to resist changes to their motion.

Which has more inertia a fast bowling ball or a slow bowling ball?

1 Answer. The bowling ball has a higher inertia.

Which has more inertia hammer or feather?

Answer. Inertia depends on the mass of an object. So the hammer will have the greater inertia than that of a feather.

Which system has least inertia?

Inertia of a body is a property of its mass. Larger the mass of a body more is its inertia. Of the given vehicles, a bicycle has the least mass, and hence the least inertia.

Which has more inertia a tricycle or a Jeep?

DEFINITION. Inertia refers to the quality or property of matter or an object by which it remains at rest or in uniform motion and the state of it not being moved. Among the given choices, the jeep has more inertia than a tricycle, because of its size and mass.