Quick Answer: Can A Bullet Have The Same Momentum As A Truck?

Could a small car have the same momentum as a large truck?

Is it possible for a small car to have the same momentum as a large truck.


Yes, the small car would have to be moving with a much higher velocity, but it can have the same momentum since monmentum is mass times velocity.

A greater time therefore means less force when coming to a stop..

How can a heavy moving van have the same momentum as a motorcycle?

The formula for momentum is . p is momentum, m is mass, and v is velocity. … Let the mass of the moving van be greater than the mass of the motorcycle by a factor of k. In order for the two to have the same momentum, the velocity of the motorcycle must be greater than the velocity of the moving van by the same factor, k.

Can a bullet have more momentum than a truck?

A tiny bullet can have more momentum than a huge truck. … If it moves twice as fast, its momentum is TWICE as much. 12. Two cars, one twice as heavy as the other, move down a hill at the same speed.

Can a truck have the same momentum as a lightweight bike?

For a truck and a bike to have the same momentum, the mass of the vehicle times the velocity of the vehicle must be the same for both of them. Therefore, the lighter, less massive bike will have a much higher velocity than the truck.

Can momentum be lost?

Provided that there are no net external forces acting upon the objects, the momentum of all objects before the collision equals the momentum of all objects after the collision. If there are only two objects involved in the collision, then the momentum lost by one object equals the momentum gained by the other object.

Does a parked truck have momentum?

Explanation: Taking the formula for momentum to be p=mv this is the mass multiplied by the velocity. Although the semi truck certainly has a larger mass, it is not in motion and therefore does not have any momentum.

What happens when two objects with the same mass collide?

In a collision, there is a force on both objects that causes an acceleration of both objects; the forces are equal in magnitude and opposite in direction. For collisions between equal-mass objects, each object experiences the same acceleration. … The woman receives the forward force and the man receives a backward force.

Which vehicle has higher inertia if all have the same speed?

At the same speed, a car will have more inertia than a truck.

What is the difference between momentum and impulse?

Momentum is the product of mass and velocity. … However, impulse represents the change of momentum of a system over a certain period of time.

What happens to momentum when objects collide?

Momentum is of interest during collisions between objects. When two objects collide the total momentum before the collision is equal to the total momentum after the collision (in the absence of external forces). This is the law of conservation of momentum.

Does momentum increase with mass?

Mass and velocity are both directly proportional to the momentum. If you increase either mass or velocity, the momentum of the object increases proportionally. If you double the mass or velocity you double the momentum.

Which has more momentum a huge and heavy truck that is at rest or a small toy car that is in motion?

We can see from the definition that a moving object can have large momentum if either its mass or its speed is large, or if both are. A truck has more momentum than a car moving at the same speed because the truck has a greater mass.

Is it possible for a truck and a motorcycle to have the same momentum?

Yes. It just needs to be going faster. Momentum is determined by both speed and mass. A semi truck at highway speed has roughly the same momentum as a baby carriage going a million miles an hour.

Is momentum lost when objects collide?

Momentum is conserved in the collision. … Momentum is conserved for any interaction between two objects occurring in an isolated system. This conservation of momentum can be observed by a total system momentum analysis or by a momentum change analysis.

Why is momentum conserved but not energy?

Momentum is conserved, because the total momentum of both objects before and after the collision is the same. However, kinetic energy is not conserved. Some of the kinetic energy is converted into sound, heat, and deformation of the objects.

Does Momentum have direction?

Momentum is a derived quantity, calculated by multiplying the mass, m (a scalar quantity), times velocity, v (a vector quantity). This means that the momentum has a direction and that direction is always the same direction as the velocity of an object’s motion.

Which has more momentum a heavy truck or light truck moving at the same speed?

Which has more momentum, a heavy truck moving at 30 km/h or a light truck moving at 30 km/h? Answer: If two objects are running at the same velocity, the object with greater mass has more momentum compared to the object with a lesser mass since the formula of momentum is (momentum = mass × velocity) .

How much momentum does it take to stop a running back?

Under those circumstances the defender would have three times the momentum of the relatively stationary running back and hit him with roughly two thirds of a ton of force. Defenders running full speed, however, face a risk: the ball carrier could sidestep an overly aggressive player.