Quick Answer: Can You Choose To Be An Imposter In Among Us?

How do you get impostor every time in among us?

Read More To Know How To Be An Imposter In Among Us:Step 1: Open the Among Us application.Step 2: Enter your character name.Step 3: Select the number of imposters in the game.Step 4: Create the game with these settings.Step 5: Wait for the players to join this room.More items….

How do you get away with being imposter?

Among Us: Tips To Win As Imposter And Get Away With MurderMake Sure You Know Your (Fake) Tasks.Track Where Others Are Going And Have Been.Work With Your Fellow Imposter.Kill The Sharpest Crewmates Early.Don’t Sit On Your Kill Cooldown For Too Long.Kill The Lights To Cover Up Or Setup A Kill.Understand What Each Sabotage Does And Where It Forces Crewmates To Go.More items…•Oct 20, 2020

What color has the highest chance of being imposter in among us?

RedThe most common imposter color is Red. Others colors that are on the map are White, Lime, Cyan, Purple. It is hard to argue, but of all the mentioned colors, Red is often accused of being the Impostor.

How do you increase your chances of being imposter in among us?

According to the game’s Wiki page, your chances of being the imposter are increased by the number of imposters in a match, or by lowering the number of participants in a match. For example, if you have a match of fewer than 10 players, your chances of being selected as the imposter increase.

How do you become an imposter in among us?

Being the same person to report a dead body every round is a surefire way to get yourself accused of being the Impostor. As the Impostor, you’re going to want to keep a relatively low profile. Don’t let anybody see you commit a kill, use a vent, or even awkwardly stand beside a dead body.

Can you pick the imposter in among us?

Here’s the bad news – you cannot actually choose to play as an imposter in Among Us, even though they may actually have more fun than crewmates do given they get to stir up a whole lot of trouble.