Quick Answer: Does A Train Or Car Have More Inertia?

Which has more inertia a car or a bicycle?

The car has more inertia, as its mass is greater than the mass of the bike.

The bike has more inertia, as its mass is greater than the mass of the car.

The car has more inertia, as its mass is less than the mass of the bike.

The bike has more inertia, as its mass is less than the mass of the car..

Does the passenger obey the law of inertia?

Yes, the passengers inside a vehicle obey the law of inertia. The passengers inside a vehicle are in motion with the car. Hence, if the vehicle suddenly stops, the passengers continue to move in a forward direction until stopped by another force.

What does the law of inertia state?

Law of inertia, also called Newton’s first law, postulate in physics that, if a body is at rest or moving at a constant speed in a straight line, it will remain at rest or keep moving in a straight line at constant speed unless it is acted upon by a force.

Which will have more inertia a cart and a train?

In this situation it is clear that the mass of a train is much more than that of a cart therefore its inertia is larger.

Which has more inertia Why?

More Mass = More Inertia ​The amount of inertia that an object has is dependent on the object’s mass. The more mass an object has the more inertia it has. It is harder to slow down or speed up more massive objects if they are moving.

What do you mean by inertia?

Inertia is the resistance of any physical object to any change in its velocity. This includes changes to the object’s speed, or direction of motion. … Inertia comes from the Latin word, iners, meaning idle, sluggish.

What causes inertia?

Some sort of a local field, maybe not our A field, is really the cause of inertia. When you push on an object a gravitational disturbance goes propagating off into either the past or the future. Out there in the past or future the disturbance makes the distant matter in the universe wiggle.

Does a car have a lot of inertia?

The real car, of course, since it has more inertia – that is, it wants to keep doing what it’s doing more. So, if something has more mass it has more inertia. So you know you can overcome inertia by using a force (like you use a force to move the rock or stop the toy car).

Which has more inertia?

Answer Expert Verified The inertia of a body depends on its mass. If an object has more mass it has more inertia. Heavier objects have more inertia than lighter objects. A stone has more inertia than a rubber ball of the same size because it has more than a rubber ball of the same size.

What does inertia mean when it comes to riding in your car?

Inertia applies not only to your vehicle, but to everything inside it. Because of inertia, your car will continue to move down the road until some other force (e.g., the brakes, road conditions, an obstruction, another vehicle) slows or stops it. Imagine your car is traveling at 60 mph before you stop suddenly.

Which has more inertia truck or ant?

Answer Expert Verified The more massive an object is, the more inertia it has compared to smaller objects. Since the truck is obviously bigger and heavier than the ant, the truck has more inertia or resistance to change in its motion.

Do all the bodies have same inertia?

Answer. all bodies does not have same inertia because inertia depends on the mass of the body. For example it is easy to push or pull or stop a empty box or a book but it is not easy to push or pull or stop a car with the same force you used on the book or box.

Which vehicle has more inertia?

busA bus has more inertia, because it has more mass. So, greater force is needed to change the state of the body of greater mass.

Which has a more inertia?

Inertia is the measure of the mass of the body. The greater is the mass of the body; the greater is its inertia and vice-versa. (a) Mass of a stone is more than the mass of a rubber ball for the same size. Hence, inertia of the stone is greater than that of a rubber ball.

Which has more inertia a fast bowling ball or a slow bowling ball?

1 Answer. The bowling ball has a higher inertia.

Which vehicle has higher inertia if all have the same speed?

At the same speed, a car will have more inertia than a truck.

What factors can decide the inertia of a body?

Inertia is that quantity which depends solely upon mass. The more mass, the more inertia. Momentum is another quantity in Physics which depends on both mass and speed. Momentum will be discussed in a later unit.

Does train has more inertia?

A body of larger mass has more inertia ; hence a train has more inertia than a bicycle.