Quick Answer: What Is Another Word For Collision?

What is the word collision mean?

1 : an act or instance of colliding : clash.

2 : an encounter between particles (such as atoms or molecules) resulting in exchange or transformation of energy.

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What is the opposite of hit?

What is the opposite of hit?missblowflubfumbleoverlookforegofail atgive uplet slippass up22 more rows

Which word means to strike or hit?

At its most basic, strike means to hit. If you strike someone, you hit them with your hand or a weapon. If lightning strikes, it makes contact. If you strike out on a trip, you’re “hitting” the road. If you strike gold, you’ve “struck it rich”!

What happens when two objects collide?

Newton’s third law of motion is naturally applied to collisions between two objects. In a collision between two objects, both objects experience forces that are equal in magnitude and opposite in direction. Such forces often cause one object to speed up (gain momentum) and the other object to slow down (lose momentum).

What is collision in simple words?

noun. the act of colliding; a coming violently into contact; crash: the collision of two airplanes. a clash; conflict: a collision of purposes. Physics. the meeting of particles or of bodies in which each exerts a force upon the other, causing the exchange of energy or momentum.

Is Hitted a word?

(nonstandard) Simple past tense and past participle of hit.

What does fortuitously mean?

adjective. happening or produced by chance; accidental: a fortuitous encounter. lucky; fortunate: a series of fortuitous events that advanced her career.

What is a sentence for collision?

Collision sentence example. The Russian army and people avoided a collision till Smolensk was reached, and again from Smolensk to Borodino. into collision with Rome. The first serious collision between the natives and the government occurred in 1873.

What is the synonym of collided?

In this page you can discover 18 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for collide, like: clash, crash, hit, bang, bump, oppose, disagree, strike, smash, conflict and carom.

What is the root of the word collision?

When things crash together, they collide. The verb collide has roots in the Latin word collidere, which comes from col- or “together” and laedere, “to strike or damage,” like planes that collide in midair.

What’s a synonym for collision?

What is another word for collision?impactbumpthudthumpsmashcrashkickbangthwacksmack96 more rows

What is the opposite of a collision called?

collision. Antonyms: interswerving, interdivergence, shave. Synonyms: encounter, conflict, crash, opposition, impact, concussion, clash.

What is another word for hit?

What is another word for hit?blowknockbangbumpcloutcuffslapswipethwackclip136 more rows

What’s the difference between a mistake and an accident?

A mistake is something that happens due to your action,thoughts process or perception. Accident happens when something goes wrong and you had no control over it or were careless. However a mistake can also make a accident happen .

What is the same meaning of accident?

noun. an undesirable or unfortunate happening that occurs unintentionally and usually results in harm, injury, damage, or loss; casualty; mishap: automobile accidents. Law. such a happening resulting in injury that is in no way the fault of the injured person for which compensation or indemnity is legally sought.

What is the verb of accident?

To hear the cries of wild beasts, denotes an accident of a serious nature. … You are obliged to me for the advice I now give you, to avoid this accident; I shall be sorry if it befall you.” To depend on accident is foolishness, to use accident is wisdom.”

What are 3 types of collisions?

There are three different kinds of collisions, however, elastic, inelastic, and completely inelastic. Just to restate, momentum is conserved in all three kinds of collisions. What distinguishes the collisions is what happens to the kinetic energy.

What does collision insurance pay for?

Collision coverage helps pay to repair or replace your vehicle if it’s damaged or destroyed in an accident with another car, regardless of who is at fault. That’s different from liability coverage, which helps pay for damage to another person’s car from an accident you cause.