Quick Answer: What Is One Cause And One Effect Of The First Great Awakening?

What was a difference between the first Great Awakening and Second Great Awakening?

The second great awakening focuses less on religion and more on reforming bad things in America.

The first great awakening is primarily about promoting religion.

Religion is emphasized and promoted with a slightly milder and welcoming God.

More colleges were opened..

What started the first Great Awakening?

In the 1730s, a religious revival swept through the British American colonies. Jonathan Edwards, the Yale minister who refused to convert to the Church of England, became concerned that New Englanders were becoming far too concerned with worldly matters.

What was one result of the first Great Awakening quizlet?

The First Great Awakening broke the monopoly of the Puritan church as colonists began pursuing diverse religious affiliations and interpreting the Bible for themselves.

What was the result of the Great Awakening quizlet?

The Great Awakening increased the degree to which people felt that religion was important in their lives. The Great Awakening also affected the colonies by creating rifts among members of religious denominations.

How did the great awakening unify the colonies?

The First Great Awakening divided many American colonists. On the one hand, it was an experience that created unity between the colonies. It led to a shared awareness of being American because it was the first major, “national” event that all the colonies experienced.

When was the Great Awakening?

1720Great Awakening, religious revival in the British American colonies mainly between about 1720 and the 1740s.

What were the political and social consequences of the great awakening?

The impact of the Great Awakening on colonial American social and political life was immense. … The Great Awakening made American society much more open; less vertical, more horizontal. This mass religious revival took place from the bottom up, so to speak. It was a movement of the common people, not the elite.

Which was true of the Great Awakening 5 points?

Which was true of the Great Awakening? (5 points) Individuals were encouraged to ask religious leaders to interpret religious texts. Individuals were encouraged to take control of their own beliefs. Women were excluded from the movement. Connection to the Church of England increased.

What were the causes of the Great Awakening quizlet?

What are the causes of the first great awakening? More branches of Christianity emerged. Division between new and old ideas. Increase in religious diversity in Christianity.

What caused the first great awakening Apush?

Around 1700, Christians in North America began emphasizing pious behavior, sparking a religious revival. … In the early 1700s, conservative ministers were Old Lights while pious more liberal people were considered New Lights in New England.

What year was the second great awakening?

1795 toSecond Great Awakening, Protestant religious revival in the United States from about 1795 to 1835.

Which churches began as a result of the first Great Awakening?

The First Great Awakening altered the religious climate in America, many people that did not connect to the faith or had a different view of it as a social demand started to have a personal connection to God. This caused the creation of new churches such as Methodists and Baptists.

Which of the following were effects of the Great Awakening?

Long term effects of the Great Awakening were the decline of Quakers, Anglicans, and Congregationalists as the Presbyterians and Baptists increased. It also caused an emergence in black Protestantism, religious toleration, an emphasis on inner experience, and denominationalism.

What was the impact of the First Great Awakening?

Many historians claim that the Great Awakening influenced the Revolutionary War by encouraging the notions of nationalism and individual rights. The revival also led to the establishment of several renowned educational institutions, including Princeton, Rutgers, Brown and Dartmouth universities.

Which of the following was a significant social impact of the Great Awakening?

It opened the doors of some white churches to African Americans and American Indians. It worsened social and racial discrimination against American Indians and African Americans in the colonies. It encouraged women to reject their traditional roles and look for fulfillment outside the house.

What was one lasting and evident result of the Great Awakening?

‘The major effect of the Awakening was a rebellion against authoritarian religious rule which spilled over into other areas of colonial life. … Though a religious movement, the Awakening had repercussions in cultural and political spheres as well.

How did the Enlightenment lead to the Great Awakening?

Both movements began in Europe, but they advocated very different ideas: the Great Awakening promoted a fervent, emotional religiosity, while the Enlightenment encouraged the pursuit of reason in all things. On both sides of the Atlantic, British subjects grappled with these new ideas.

Why did America need a great awakening?

Why did America need a “Great Awakening”? It needed a Great Awakening because the churches were becoming lifeless and going farther away from God’s will. … He is remembered for being one of America’s foremost theologians and as one of the greatest intellects our nation has ever produced.

What is the First and Second Great Awakening?

Key Facts & Summary. The second great awakening was a period of religious revival that encourages individuals to pursue the knowledge of God and self. The second great awakening contradicted the assertion of the first great awakening during which the doctrine of predestination was introduced and taught.