Quick Answer: Why Is Among Us So Popular?

Eventually, it became a phenomenon with YouTubers uploading gameplay all over the place, Twitch having a steady Among Us viewership of over 100 thousand people watching at any given time (as of writing there are 191,000 people watching Among Us on Twitch), and everyone trying to set up friend groups to play with..

Why the sudden boost in popularity? Among Us skyrocketed in popularity over the past couple of months as famous Twitch streamers began playing. The answer seems to be Twitch streamers, as popular personalities on the online game streaming platform like Sodapoppin, Pewdiepie, Shroud and Ninja have all played.

What is so good about among us?

It is fun, easy to understand, and most importantly, can be played with a lot of friends. It is a very simple game between ‘crewmates’ and ‘imposters’, where the crewmates do some tasks before the imposters can kill them all.

Among Us checked all the right boxes Board games in the style of Mafia were becoming more popular, and Among Us – a sort of video game spin on that concept — was ready to take advantage. Twitch streamers also helped the game reach a larger audience; a crucial component to ensuring a multiplayer title has staying power.

Why is among us 2 Cancelled?

“The main reason we are shooting for a sequel is because the codebase of Among Us 1 is so outdated and not built to support adding so much new content,” the developers wrote on their website. … “We have decided to cancel Among Us 2 and instead put all our focus into improving Among Us 1.

Who is the best among US player in the world?

10 Best Among Us Streamers, Ranked By Skill1 5up. 5up may not have a clear accolade to his name, but he’s frequently ranked high within the few Among Us tournaments out there and is easily one of the most consistent and influential Among Us players out there.2 Disguised Toast. … 3 Trainwreckstv. … 4 xQc. … 5 Yeti Apocalypse. … 6 Corpse Husband. … 7 moistcr1tikal. … 8 m0xyy. … More items…•Dec 15, 2020

What’s bad about among us?

Among Us does contain cartoonish violence and themes which might be inappropriate for younger kids, but it also provides an opportunity for kids to connect with their friends and family through an accessible and fun online game.

Why is US so addictive?

The game forces you to utilize those Sherlockian deduction skills and work on your own gaslighting abilities. It’s fast-paced and fun, even if you’re not Discord-level dedicated. The reasons why Among us is so addictive are: … The simple gameplay plus the the human curiosity make it very addictive.

Can I play among us alone?

Thanks to a new unofficial version of the game from fan KlopityL, Among Us can be played completely solo. For people who prefer single-player games – or who just want a break from Among Us’ multiplayer – it’s a great option. … However, because it’s a single-player game, there are some noticeable changes.

What is the imposter in among us?

In Among Us, the breakout hit from indie studio InnerSloth, the killer is known as the Impostor. While other crewmates go around performing tasks, the Impostor kills them one by one – and tries not to get caught. … In the game, Impostor is always spelled with an “o-r” at the end, and it’s always capitalized.

2020Among Us is a multiplayer PC and mobile game that has suddenly exploded in popularity, becoming one of the hit video games of 2020. Despite its release in June 2018, Among Us did not emerge as a hit until recently, after video game streamers on Amazon’s Twitch service started broadcasting their games.

Is among us good or bad?

Good Game. This game is super fun, and I play it a lot. I feel like it’s for older kids because there’s violence, and blood (one of the objectives of the imposter is to kill all of the crewmates) but it’s not super graphic. Also, there is a chat, but it can be censored.

How can we improve among us?

Among Us winning guide: 10 best tips and tricks for impostorsBe cautious about the ‘popular’ kill zones. … Check your kill cooldown time. … Keep sabotaging. … Use the time while travelling to sabotaged location to kill. … Try to make it to the sabotaged location and try not to be too late.More items…•Oct 13, 2020

Is among us better on mobile or PC?

Despite the various advantages on PC, the mobile version of Among Us does offer some of its own unique advantages. … Mobile Among Us is very well suited for playing on the go, or while waiting for meetings. It’s also worth pointing out that most of the tasks are actually easier on mobile than on mouse and keyboard.